05/05/2016– Recording Artist Nubia Emmon Launches Foundation

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Recording Artist Nubia Emmon Launches Foundation

by A. CushmeerJanuary 22, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Nubia Emmon Launches The Nubia Emmon Foundation

Recording Artist Nubia Emmon has always wanted to do something to help people and get others involved. She finally realized this dream by launching The Nubia Emmon Foundation, a non-profit organization which is to serve and motivate young people, promote healthy, positive relationships and in general, encourage healthy lifestyles.

The primary goals of the Foundation are to; serve young people and motivate them towards personal excellence, promote healthy lifestyles among youth and adults, and foster healthy, positive relationships, especially among family members.


Nubia Emmon stated, “I am thankful and grateful to everyone who has been supporting my career and helping me to reach this point, and hopefully, to greater heights in the future. I was inspired to start this Foundation due to the many people who have been there for me, and now I'm in a position to give back. Together with my fans I hope to create a family of givers.”

The foundation plans to work with a number of partners and will be reaching out extensively this year to various organizations. In addition, Nubia Emmon looks forward to an official launch celebration later in 2012. For more details, please visit www.TheNubiaEmmonFoundation.com.

About Nubia Emmon

Talented, beautiful and hardworking, Nubia Emmon is a breakout R&B/Hip Hop recording artist and songwriter. During 2011, this high school senior performed in several cities, maintained her 4.0 gpa, and has been grinding away in the studios with several platinum producers. Listen for her blazin’ new single “Dancing Machine” of which she recently completed a hot remix with Def Jam's recording artist, Lil Niqo, closing off 2011 on a high note. Because of her intense workload, Nubia resides between Georgia and Texas.

News Source: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-recording-artist-nubia-emmon-launches-foundation-1327212579.html

Official Website: http://www.thenubiaemmonfoundation.com

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