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by Blue PieAugust 11, 2012

We are excited to announce that Blue Pie will be teaming up with the PLG Music Group, House Candy Music label to assist in the licensing for film, television and cable networks.

We are excited to announce that Blue Pie will be teaming up with the PLG Music Group, House Candy Music label to assist in the licensing for film, television and cable networks. The label is now on the Blue Pie White Label Management and Services Program.

House Candy Music was established by DJs and is run by DJs, with a dedication to House music in all its flavours, including electronic, chill, garage, European and Latin.

The label aims to give their artists and clients a layered knowledge of the music industry that will help them step onto a road of success. Featured artists of the label include DJ Kika Terremoto, Armando Cruz and Synch Dub.

We really look forward to a bright business future collaborating with PLG Music Group.

For more information on PLG Music Group, you can visit their Official Website at: www.plgmusic.org/


The House Candy record label is dedicated to House music in all it's forms, deep, electronic, chill, garage, Euro and Latin and Inspirational House Music. Established in 2005, and renamed in 2009 for a new direction by Will "Deephouse" Wilson, The label has produced over 30 remixes and over 150 tracks. The label also works with and Manages DJ's and Artist in the dance music arena, to provide a shelf for styles of house music that are not mainstream.

House Candy and its labels are a full-scale production, publishing, booking and World Wide marketing record label. The goal of the label is to imprint the message of positive music to the World. They desire to take the message of feel good music, to all who would listen, to provide artists, musicians, producers, and positive remix DJ's a venue for production, promotion and creativity in the House music field. Providing multiple output resources, we desire to become a great resource for Spiritual House, House and positive dance music in general. They support other labels that follow this vision of positive music, yet our focus is on House and Spiritual House Music.

PLG Music Group is part of the Blue Pie Family of Labels. For More Information on Blue Pie, please visit www.bluepie.com.au



Blue Pie, the record label, is one of Australia’s leading independent labels. Founded in the early 90’s by Damien Reilly, the label has a wide and diverse range of alliances, global partnerships and proprietary technology that it makes available to all the companies artists, labels and content partners. These relationships combined with Blue Pie Productions, technology, systems and infrastructure allows Blue Pie’s artists and labels to reach new and exciting fan bases and markets globally, increase their profits and most of drive and develop new revenues.
Blue Pie is proud to represent over 200 labels and over 3000 artists worldwide.

Blue Pie's artists include:
Dave Evans (AC/DC), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Peter Head, Headband, Tiny Tim, Sabrina Fustaire, Funky P, Suzanna Lubrano, Benjamin Hyatt, Tony Hatch (Grammy Winner), Serge Ermoll (ARIA WINNER), Dave Sharp, Dale Bozzio, Tommy Tutone, Peter & Gordon, Gordon Chambers (Grammy Winner), Barry Crocker & Janice Marie (Grammy Winner)

Blue Pie’s label roster includes:
 Electrik Blue Records USA (Blue Pie Label)

 Blue Pie USA (Blue Pie Label)
 Prime Records USA
 Rock Forever Records
 Reality Entertainment (For Australian and New Zealand)
 Globalev World Music
 Deluxe Records (Michael Browning’s Label)
 Pride Music
 Concerthouse Music
 Holliday Entertainment
 Artist Development Network
 AIN Distributions and Music
 Sharkarts.
 Subsonic Records
 + Over 200 others. See our website for details.

Search 'blue pie' on Google for more information.

News Source: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-plg-music-group-joins-blue-pie-s-family-of-labels-1344649301.html

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